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    Personal Injury Lawyer Serving North Brunswick, NJ

    Whether your negligent personal injury is the result of an auto accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, work-related injury, products liability, or dog bite incident, Edward P. Shamy, Jr. has the legal experience and training you need, plus the personal compassion and understanding you deserve.

    For over 30 years, Edward P. Shamy, Jr. has been the personal injury lawyer in North Brunswick, NJ, that individuals who have suffered negligent injury have turned to for representation. He understands what is required to prosecute a personal injury case successfully and to obtain for you full and just compensation for your injuries.

    Representing You in Negligent Injury Cases

    You will be personally represented by North Brunswick, NJ, personal injury lawyer Edward P. Shamy, Jr. from the start of your negligent personal injury case until its conclusion. You will always be treated courteously and professionally as a valued client and will be regularly advised about your case’s progress and status.

    We provide a free consultation on the merits of your case and will offer to represent you on a contingency fee basis, which means that our fee is based on the amount of the award or settlement we obtain for you. In the unlikely event that there is no recovery, there is no fee.

    Edward P Shamy Jr has been representing those injured by the negligence of others since 1982, including the following types of negligent injury cases:

    Car & Auto Accidents

    If you are injured in a truck accident or auto accident, we possess the expertise and experience to pursue compensation for your injuries, disability, pain, and suffering to the fullest extent of the law. We’ll help hold the negligent parties responsible to pay for your injuries and to help to ensure that your medical bills are covered either by Personal Injury Protection coverage under your own insurance policy or if the same is exhausted or not available by the negligent party’s insurance carrier.

    Slip and Fall

    If you are caused to slip and fall or trip and fall as a result of the negligence of others, we possess the knowledge and experience to pursue an award or settlement to compensate you with injury payments. Our office has successfully represented thousands of individuals who have been injured as a result of negligent conditions, including; snow and ice, wet floors, tripping hazards, loose or missing steps, broken or cracked pavement, cement or walking surfaces, loose railings, improperly constructed or maintained premises and other negligent conditions which create a slip and fall or trip and fall hazard in Somerset County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, NJ, including North Brunswick, New Brunswick, South Brunswick, Franklin Township and the surrounding areas.

    Dog Bites

    A dog owner is strictly liable for the injuries, disability, and other consequences which result if his or her dog bites a person. They are required to make any injury payments that cover your medical expenses.

    Wrongful Death Settlements

    In the event of a wrongful death, we help you receive the settlements your family deserves. We help hold those responsible accountable and ensure they make reparations through the wrongful death settlement.

    As a trusted personal injury lawyer, we are committed to obtaining exceptional results for clients in Middlesex County, Somerset County, Mercer County, and beyond. We are proud to represent those who have suffered a negligent injury in the following areas:

    • Kendall Park, NJ
    • Monmouth Junction, NJ
    • New Brunswick, NJ
    • North Brunswick, NJ
    • Somerset, NJ
    • Princeton, NJ
    • South Brunswick Township, NJ
    • Franklin Park, NJ
    • Hillsborough, NJ
    • Montgomery Township, NJ
    • East Brunswick, NJ

    If you are suffering from an injury due to negligence of another party, contact the Law Offices of Edward P. Shamy, Jr. for a free consultation. Edward P. Shamy, Jr. can help you understand your rights, hold those responsible accountable to pay for your injuries and receive the compensation you deserve.