Municipal Court

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    Municipal Court

    Municipal Court offenses require expert defense to avoid conviction or minimize penalties for traffic violations, DUI/DWI and other violations.

    If you are charged with a traffic violation, DUI/DWI, driving while suspended or revoked, disorderly conduct, drug possession, shoplifting, or municipal court offense, Edward P. Shamy, Jr.’s 18 years of experience as a Municipal Court Prosecutor will work to your advantage. He possesses the knowledge and experience to obtain the best results for you in any Municipal Court proceeding.

    Your case will be carefully reviewed and prepared. You will receive a thorough briefing of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. An effective defense strategy will be developed to obtain the optimal outcome for you.

    You will be personally represented by Edward P. Shamy, Jr., not an associate. You will always be treated professionally, with courtesy and respect and your case will be treated with the utmost importance.