Wills and Estate Planning

Avoid unnecessary heartache and worry for your loved ones by setting forth your wishes in a will or estate plan. Such documents are often overlooked, but can prevent your heirs from paying tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary inheritance taxes. We can help you with everything from a simple will to more complex estate planning.

Edward P. Shamy, Jr. has extensive experience in the drafting, evaluation, and review or last wills & testaments, living wills, trusts, and enduring power of attorneys – including guardianships, family foundations, special needs trusts, and elder law protections.

Edward P. Shamy, Jr. is committed not only to providing you with the much-needed estate planning documentation, but to creating a plan that specifically suits the needs of you and your family. We recognize that our clients have different personal and financial backgrounds that must be individually evaluated to insure that their assets are well protected during their lifetime and beyond. Whether a client has a taxable estate, a small business or a disabled beneficiary with special needs, an estate plan is designed specifically to meet your needs.